For my Aussie friends who think I have a great tan, I need to confess I’m Indian 🇮🇳 😜👌🏾
So when I went to India on mission it was so close to my heart, I knew firsthand the oppression caused by the notion of karma, re-incarnation and shame culture. Although I’m British born my heart broke for the people of what felt like my country. 😭🙏🏾 I was so grateful I could encourage and speak hope into them. What an privilege.

This is Raja, my Hindi speaking Uber driver, from my ancestral state of Punjab, we quickly made friends and shared our culture and Punjabi jokes. Raja asked about my faith and I was able to tell him about Jesus, he had never heard the gospel or of Jesus. He quickly said he wanted to be Christian. The thing is I didn’t speak Hindi, I had heard the language as a kid from Bollywood movies and songs. Somehow it didn’t matter, ask I spoke God brought back Hindi words to remembrance, to share the gospel not in Punjab (my mother tongue), new Hindi words just came out. God is really a god of shock and awe. 🔥🔥🔥🎉🙏🏾
This picture still makes me cry, Raja with his first Hindi bible I brought him. I felt God say it would be the first of many Hindi Bibles I would buy for people of India. 😭❤ #salvationmountain #jaipur #miraclesfromheaven #hindibible #indianmissionary #indianchurch #punjabichristians

Posted Instagram Oct 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!