My fav thing about travelling is the mir

My fav thing about travelling is the miracle friendships God orchestras, how these people choose to love me without knowing me, they so simply open their heart to what God is leading them to do. ❤😅🙌🏾 Here are two amazing women I met along the way;

@cynthiagracelysutan and I didn’t know one another at @hillsongcollege but I turned up in Jakarta in January without knowing what God had planned and no place to stay. Cynthia was so patient, loving and with such a big heart, after one great godly convo and she opened her home and her bedroom up to me. She made me part of the family without thinking. I spent the rest of month watching and learning from her and fiancé Pastor @victorongky@🙏🏾, I learnt that Godly marriage is about commitment and preparation before you even get married. I’m so blessed to call them friends and family.👌🏾🌟love you both so much 💜

@lolagin is one incredibly kind and generous woman. I first met Viola Sydney @hillsongconf 2017, we didn’t know each but I saw her in the crowd I felt God tell give me a vision for her, so whilst worship music was blasting I whispered the words and then left in a hurry to volunteer again without knowing nothing more. 2 years on by pure miracle I sit next to her in a Jakarta church (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!) out of 30000 and end up praying for her again. She quickly reminded me of our meeting and soon after she offered to host me upon my return trip to Jakarta in April. Since then she has been a great friend and encourager throughout my travels. Thank you Viola and @vjdaniel for being a great role model of what family and unconditionally love looks like. 😘

I know this is just the beginning and God has a bigger plan unfolding for us all! 🎉
To be honest there is a lot more to both these stories, which I will be including in the blog and book! 💃🏽👑🙌🏾
PS next time we need a group pics guys @vjdaniel @victorongky 

Posted Instagram Oct 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!