This photo sums up my last 2 weeks in Kansas City, Missouri. I honestly laughed so much! 
To be honest I was a little apprehensive about my trip, coming from a Sikhism/ Hinduism background, I had never experienced a traditional Christian environment with very strict views on government / religion verse a relationship with Jesus to love. Kansas City is a very Christian city with a church on every corner. Before I left I was warned about how some people are traditional and I might be shocked with there viewpoints. So I started thinking if they were going to welcome my gift of prophesy or question how I had been travelling for 11 months without any income or team, just with supernatural manner / gifts from people as they felt to give by God. 
My missionary journey hasn’t been conventional and often I find long term Christians are judgemental or sceptical how I travelling alone with only 5 years of Christianity. However, God was so gracious to me, I met the most loving and kind people, friends that I know will be life time friends. I was so blessed. We didn’t agree on politics, gun ownership, immigration, yet we could most definitely agree on Jesus;  how he loves people, how we need to continue to love others and be teachable rather than correcting faults. 
I challenge you to talk and befriend someone this week with other believes and views to find common ground, it’s so liberating to learn we are more alike that you know and maybe you will be blessed too. 
I am excited to share more on my blog which is being launched this week! Can you believe it! Finally! 😭🙏🏾❤ PS it wasn’t easy! 
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Posted Instagram Nov 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!