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Reminiscing and missing this a lot today 😭👌🏾❤
I’m not in London but I wish I was. Travelling on mission sounds cool and looks like adventurous fun, however sometimes there is nothing more you want than to be somewhere where you know how to get around, you know where you can get your fav samosa, fish n chips and park walks, where you don’t get lost or need to explore, but your mind can rest and be free to slip into automatic mode. 
Anyone who has travelled for more than 3 months at a time knows how you quickly crave routine, schedule and familiarity. I am learning more and more how we were created to have order and discipline. More importantly you miss family and friends who are family. I haven’t been home since Nov 2017 and I’m not sure when I will. My heart breaks trying to arrange FaceTimes or sending video messages trying to build relationships and love with so much distance. 
However, I choose to sacrifice, trust and follow Gods plan, it’s not comfortable or easy yet I say yes. Why? Because when you experience the love of God you feel so consumed by a supernatural peace and gratitude of his love and how much he has done for you before you even knew him, I can’t help but follow him anywhere, without a plan, routine or schedule, knowing he has a schedule, plan and he is in control. He won’t forsake me or leave, he’s plans are way better than my plans. I would yes again and again and again, because he said yes to me first. ❤
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