How did I know . . .

Many of you are curious as to how I began my journey as a missionary and how did I know it was God. 

It was October 2018, I was drawing close to the end of Hillsong International College and I was asking God, what shall I do. I felt anxious and yet, I kept praying a verse I knew off by heart (which is not many, yet); Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." & my other favourite verse; you planned my life in my mother’s womb, you knew me before my family knew me, you created me. I moaned ? cried out to God, what is your plan for me? 

I thought I had options, which included: 

1. Masters of Social Work: I wanted to create rehabilitation plans for children and adults who had been through trauma / poverty. 

2. Going back to London: I was excited to think I could be close to my family, be at Hillsong Church London and work in the City, sharing the gospel with people in the work place. 

3. Working full-time in Australia: in Sales role, as I had done for 8 years prior, or a role in a Christian organisation as Pastoral care or some form of ministry. 

They were all great options, I honestly was so open to do anything, I really just wanted to know God's plan. I really believe if you give all your options to God and really desire His will, He will guide your path and you will walk in the true calling and purpose you were created for.


       I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you,

       not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.



So I kept praying for God to guide me and precisely tell me what to do next. People often say if you step out to trust God, He will meet you at your step and guide you. My step looked like filling out an application for a Masters, knowing I didn't have the money for the fees, whilst simultaneously looking at what jobs were available within Christian charities. Whilst I was looking online I heard God say, "Did I tell you to look for a job?" Immediately I knew that inner still voice was God correcting me, as previously He had always told me before making a big decision, I never had to weigh up options. He was so direct with me, so why would He have changed this time? Then I replied with "Ok God, what do you want me to do?" He reminded me of the meeting I had with my friend Agatha's father, where he had invited me to visit PNG to pray for his family, business and employees.

In October 2018, Agatha's father came to Sydney. He was stressed following his clients refusing to pay invoices, bills were piling up, he was at his wits' end.  As a strong Catholic he didn't believe God can speak to you beyond the teachings of the Bible. So when I prayed for him he was overcome as he encountered the presence of God, he wept as I told him how God knew his problems and when he was 17 years old God gave him the vision for the business. So God was saying it was His own responsibility to make sure the business was successful, he didn't have to carry that burden. God further shared why his business partner and lawyer were struggling and burnt out. God was even gracious to give me a vision so I knew the appearance of both the men (I am always surprised and in awe of what He tells me, He cares so much about every detail, it actually makes me laugh). 

Following that meeting two things happened:

1. Agatha's father invited me to PNG, which was the last thing on my mind, I could hardly get through my weeks at college with my current emotional rollercoaster I was on (for a future blog post). My thoughts were, why would I go to PNG, it’s not on my bucket list and it’s dangerous. I couldn’t see how I could relate to or help islanders, I am so English and Indian, that’s clearly not God's plan. All I cared about was my next step. 

2. Agatha went to visit PNG October 2018 (after we prayed for her Dad) to buy fashion accessories for her label Waisomo. Shortly after she got back she told me about her housemaid, Margaret who was grieving over the loss of her husband. We prayed for her salvation over the phone and didn't think much more of it. That same week God gave me a vision of praying for Margaret in PNG and leading her to salvation. 

I recall saying to Agatha, looks like God wants me to come to PNG as I had a vision of praying for Margaret, and asked her to let me know when she was going next so I could ask God if I could go too. In my human thinking I was sure God's vision was referring to a nice 2 week break on the island in late summer 2019. She told me she had plans to go for a birthday but nothing was confirmed yet. 

Fast forward to November 2018 with only a few weeks before my visa expired on December 4th, I felt the compelling need to make a decision on what my next steps were. So when God said no to looking at jobs I immediately said, "what do you want me to do?" Of course I had already given God my 3 great plans, any one of those would have been fine. Yet, His response was, "have I not opened a door?" giving me a vision of Agatha's Dad along with audio playback of his invite to PNG. I was shocked but I knew it wasn't my idea and this was so like God to give me a plan bigger than my current options. As I asked, “are you sure God?” I continued to feel His peace comfort me, with an “I got you.” 

As a new Christian I had read and admired the stories of the great missionaries and evangelists such as Kathryn Coleman and Heidi Baker and read books such as "God Generals" who saw miraculous healings of blind people seeing, provision for supernatural plane tickets and accommodation for those who dared to trust God. I had always prayed to see those miracles for myself. That day, instead of picking from my plans, He said, "You prayed to see these miracles, now you can get out there to see them." 

I remember thinking, “am I ready?” He stated, "what Father would send you out to mission if you were not ready?" I wept, knowing He was proud of me and trusted me with such a great responsibility and He believed in me even when I felt inadequate.

So here I am, a year on, I have travelled with Him alone across 9 countries and 22 cities, on His provision, His itinerary and just trusting Him one flight, one destination at a time. I met new people, prayed, saw salvations and healings, whilst crying and loving His people, some of which are now my great friends. It has been a supernatural, exciting, scary, and humbling experience, all at the same time. 

What's the point if it doesn't glorify Him? If no one knows what God did, that He healed the paralysed boy in PNG, the woman with schizophrenia, the man with elephantiasis syndrome. Its all for His glory. We are crowned for His glory, so this blog is for Him, to GLORIFY God. 

Come join me on this journey of sharing His story of His miracles and His love to rescue people.