Me on the back of a truck with no safety

Me on the back of a truck with no safety& no sense of speed restrictions in PNG. 🙌🏾 This is how I am feeling about my blog, pure joy and pure terror all at the same 🤣
I remember once @bobbiehouston said that the church prayed for a TV ministry but when they got a TV channel offered to them, she was so excited and she felt she wanted to puke a little in her mouth the pure magnitude of it! 
Do you ever pray big prayers for promotion, new job, a baby, marriage and then it comes along and you think why did I ask for this? Ha ha 😜
Be careful what you pray for it comes true and then you need to pray for wisdom and supernatural peace to handle it and how to deal with it 😜
Can anyone else relate to this? What was the last prayer you prayed that freaked out a little? 🙏🏾❓‼ Thanks to @waisomo for #memories #png

Posted Instagram Oct 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!