Over the last 11 months, I have lived out of a suitcase without any income, travelling to 22 cities and 9 countries. It has been a supernatural, exciting, scary, and humbling experience, all at the same time. 

I have been blessed to meet a number of people, across the world, who have generously blessed me with food, coffees (an essential missionary tool), and accommodation. I could not have done this journey without their support. I truly understand the power of the global "Body of Christ,’ how God orchestrates to love, encourage and bless one another to build his house. 

One of the girls that recently blessed me said, "I've been praying, God I want to help people beyond my city and I have a heart to see people of other nations, people of poverty, know you, but I am a single mum, how can I do this? How can I make a difference?" When she saw my Instagram posts, she felt a connection and a warm heart for the people I prayed for, and she felt God lead her to bless me with the money for my plane ticket. He said to her "This is how you can do it, you can reach them through her." 

I know that a number of people have a heart for the nations for salvation and healing, yet you may not be able to go physically to these nations. However, God can use your prayers, blessings and generosity in other ways. 

I currently have a few people sponsoring me with either a monthly amount starting from $10 or a one off amount. I really believe as you contribute to the ministry and what God is doing you will also be blessed and you will see an increase in your own life. God promises abundance. 

Please don't feel any compulsion to contribute, as I know God will do it one way or another. I really believe that God will provide as it’s His plan and He is more desperate to reach these people than I am, like He has done for the past year. All I ask is that you pray and seek God on how you could partner with me, get your own personal revelation from God on this cause. 

If you have time to pray that would be amazing as I know prayer changes everything. I would love you to pray for me to be led by God on where to go, on making sure it’s always His plan (not mine), for provision and a little extra to bless others, and protection for travel.