3 Ways to Manage Social Media Anxiety

Hey, fam!

During these iso days let’s be honest we are all spending far too much time receiving endless insta DMs, iMessages, Facebook messages, WhatsApps, Viber alerts, and calls, not to mention emails and old school SMS's, seriously are you overwhelmed much? Who wouldn’t be stressed and feel swamped?

It’s hard to believe but sometimes I receive hundreds of messages from all around the world in one day, yet I’m honestly not overwhelmed. 🙌🏾😍 Being in the business world for 10 years and then studying 3 years @hillsongcolllege I believe I’ve learned some great ways to manage stressful demanding messages and yet still have the energy to reply to friends and family.

In my new YouTube video, I want to share 3 practical steps on “How to manage social media anxiety”. I pray these efficient steps will help you de-stress, bring peace and order to the ‘social media chaos’ we are facing right now.

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Much love 😊

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