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Everyone loves a beautiful house, Singapore has so many of them. Singapore is a hub of business, elite lifestyle, luxury shopping, cocktails bars and the Asian metropolis for people to have make money in style 🍹 🎉🏢 Some would be questioning why would you go to Singapore, do they really need missionary help? Isn’t there a more poor country out there that is more in need?

I love that God doesn’t see rich or poor but he sees the heart, broken hearts who need love, grace and a breakthrough. Like many big cities I met people in Singapore are lonely, lost and struggling to get through a day. With high suicide rates and government censorship combined with asian stigma, it often stops people discussing or tackling this issue. Don’t judge a house from the outside, you don’t know who really lives there. 
I can’t wait share my own journey of over almost 20 years depression and suicide thoughts. How God supernatural healed me and now I get to help others see that breakthrough is available for them too! 🙌🏾😭🙏🏾 more info in the blog & book to come. 
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Posted Instagram Oct 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!