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Anyone else like sitting on the floor? Growing up in a house full of Indian relatives coming over all day long, the sofas in our house were always full and as kids we all sat on the floor, it was normal to make room for our guests. Then at 6 years old I went to India I saw servants at my uncles house sitting on the floor to eat and commune with us, even when pleaded they refused to sit on the chair with me. I didn’t know it sign of class divide but I just remember them making me feel like I was important and they wanted to make sure I was much taken care of, they wanted to serve me and love me. It was the upmost sign of respect for them and in most parts of Asia it still is. 
As a western born Christian I never want to go to another country or a persons home to tell them I know western best or I am able to fix them, I want to serve them. For me that means meeting them where they are at and sitting on the floor with them. Like Jesus came down from heaven to meet people where they were at, as a King he sat with the common people of that time and washed there feet to serve them. I want to be like that, I want to love people, serve and make them feel special. I always want to sit on the floor even when given the choice of the chair. It reminds me my western privilege doesn’t make me more special or knowledgeable. 😭🙏🏾 Thank you for @tracybarrell’s class ‘Mission and Culture’ that helped me see this, thank you @hillsongcollege for preparing me. ❤ #likejesus #servant #humility #gratefulness 😭🙏🏾

Posted Instagram Oct 2019

More testimonies coming, watch this blog space!